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Connect to your Sacred Self - Live a Magical Life

You might be getting caught up in the conditions in the world, going through some personal and business changes and feel overwhelmed, scared, confused, stuck... or even excited because somewhere deep within you, you have a sense that something BIG is happening.
You might have no idea what is coming and you want to be ready to actively play in this new leading edge experience.

You are living during an incredible time in history!

The time is NOW to harness the POWER within you to transform yourself, your life AND the world; to create new life paradigms that are more aligned with your deepest soul yearnings, passions, and values.

Trying to maintain a positive attitude is a small piece in creating miracles. Ignoring your soul hunger will have an negative impact on your life and will block the flow of good that is wanting to pour into your life.
Having the courage to release the past and align with your Divine life plan can become the greatest source of power and passion… in your life, in your business AND in transforming the consciousness of humanity.

Choosing to respond to your “soul yearning” is the pathway into a whole new realm of BEING and shifting into a state of grace… no matter what's happening around you.

You are meant to be happy.

Living with greater peace, love, prosperity, and joy is truly within your grasp.

Closer than ever before.....

As a spiritual life coach and advisor, published writer, dynamic speaker and popular broadcaster, I have been on a mission for over two decades to bridge the gap between spirituality, life fulfillment, and business…

Over the years, I've learned how to transform fear into POWER, overcome the limitations of the mind, eliminate self-sabotage, and cultivate self-love to dance with the Universe with faith, trust, and courage.

I have discovered how to create more ease, grace, and abundance no matter what is happening in my outer world.

Imagine what would be possible if you really learned how to overcome the limitations of your mind, know and embrace your value, claim their Divine Power, and live your purpose in alignment with your spirit every day.

I’m not talking techniques. I mean real inner shifts that will transform your outer reality; to shift from fear to confidence, from fear to courage, from fear to faith.

Living your destiny is a journey of commitment, guts, and faith.

You came into this life with everything you need to succeed.

It's not a journey you are meant to walk alone!

I would love to show you how to create more ease, grace, and prosperity in your life no matter what is happening!

"Lorraine, The benefits of working with you are many and difficult to capture in words. I would describe your practice as a strategic and spiritual balance. Your relentless pursuit of providing value and producing results for your clients is refreshing and rewarding. The transformation from fear to power is remarkable and undeniable." Appreciatively, E. Capritella. Executive VP, LRC International

"As a result of my work with Lorraine, I appreciate more fully who I am, and the many gifts that I have been given. I am more confident in my ability to bring these gifts forward in the work I do and have removed significant blocks to doing my best work. I thank Lorraine for the many important ways she has helped me move closer to my larger professional goals." - J Hamilton, Hamilton Consulting

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Pathways To Awakening Program Are you yearning to be liberated from pain, struggle, and fear? "Pathways To Awakening" is a series of monthly mini courses designed as deepening journeys to help you release the past and open to greater joy and prosperity while fulfilling your Divine destiny. The next Journey into Forgiveness begins September 20, 2012. Click here to read the breakthroughs past students experienced and reserve your seat. Discover what you MUST know and do to align with this momentous time in history to have more joy, prosperity, and love in your life.  Register for the FREE call on September 11 here

New Audios!   Working with business, relationships, health, financial or spiritual challenges?  Check out the newest audios to help you overcome fears, self-sabotage, money struggles, self-esteem, and test of faith. Receive the transformational tools  you need to live a meaningfull, prosperous, and soul-guided life. Click here to learn more.

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" Coaching with Lorraine has literally turned my life around! Now I set tangible goals and I am in touch with who I am. Lorraine gave me the push, guidance, and support I needed to recreate my life. "

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