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5 Ways To Hear Your Intuition And Divine Inspiration

Published on 30 Mar 2010 at 8:48 am. 4 Comments.
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I’m often asked,  “How do you tell the difference between your intuition and your mind?” Great question.

I’ve been consciously developing that ability for at least two decades and I believe it is like developing a muscle. The more energy and attntion you give it, the stronger it becomes.

I’ve been testing out my intuition for years by taking action when I feel that inner nudge to do something. There are times when the whispers of my soul are so clear and loud that doing what I feel called to do is a no brainer. When I’m so absorbed with the details of running my business and my ” life dramas” I often miss the cues and signals from my intuition and Divine inspiration.

The truth is that when life gets intense and we slip into our fears, worry, doubt, anger…. we can cut ourselves off from our connection with Source/God/Higher Power… Tapping into intuition and inspiration when we’re in the grip of our negative self-talk, dramas, imagination of the worse-case scenarios, ruminating about the past, and worrying about the future becomes very difficult.

Spiritual practices, stillness, nature, music… are the pathways back to reconnecting with your SELF and GOD. Your life path is a journey of courage that has bumps along the way. Developing your intuition and allowing your soul to be the guiding force in your life will help you navigate the bumps and boulders in the road with faith, trust, and courage.

On April 14, I’m launching my new 8-week program, From Spark to Flame: Awakening Your Courageous Heart. In this program I talk about Intuition and Divine Inspiration. I’d like to share an excerpt with you!

Intuition and Inspiration

Do you seem to have a sixth sense about things? You might have an instinctive knowledge, belief, hunch, feeling, impression or direct awareness about something that comes to you without prior experience, direct evidence or a rational cognitive process. 

For example:

  • You have a good or bad feeling about something
  • You just know what you know
  • It feels right and peaceful in your gut, your bones, and in your body
  • Conveys information neutrally, unemotionally and detached  
  • Has a compassionate,  affirming  and encouraging voice

You have an instinct about something that might be accompanied by an impulse to act immediately. The impulse might feel urgent and certain or so subtle you can easily miss it. Inspiration comes through you from outside of your humanness. Have you ever heard things coming out of your mouth that you just knew was coming from somewhere beyond yourself? You might have been in awe of your wise SELF!

Have you ever had a sense or feeling that information was being downloaded into your brain that was outside of your scope of experience that had so much resonant truth?  Once expressed, you might have a sense of your soul smiling with joy.

Many people have been taught to override their intuition and inspiration; to distrust what they feel, know and sense. True intuition, inspiration, and soul guidance will never put you down, place you in danger, or support destructive attitudes or behaviors.

5 Ways Your Intuition and Divine Inspiration Communicates With You 

  • Feelings. The emotions we have are ways our soul speaks to us. Fear is often generated by our mind’s imagination and ego especially when we are feeling an inner urging and “knowing” to do something uncomfortable that feels “right” in our gut.

There is a difference between feeling fear or caution because you have a sense that something is not right or potentially harmful and resisting something because you want to avoid the experience.  Exhilaration, excitement, inspiration, peacefulness, joy when there is nothing happening or a reason to feel happy are some ways our soul communicates with us.

Resonance is an energetic and “felt” sense that sparks an inner knowing; a vibrational, harmonious agreement with soul knowledge that is often far beyond the immediately apparent. It often speaks to a feeling of preference, taste, or alignment.

“I really resonated with what she said” (agreed, made sense)
“I didn’t resonate with what she said” (disagreed, rubbed me wrong)
“I resonate with this music.” (it touches you, effects you)

  • Sensations. Your physical body is a great tool to discern what is speaking to you – your head or your heart. Shallow breathing and inner tension that feels constrictive are ways our ego mind frightens us away from our soul path. If you feel a strong pull and resonance to do something that feels scary, that is one of the surest signs to confirm that you’re hearing your intuition.

When we tune into the voice of our soul, our bodies feel expansive and our breath deepens as our hearts and mind opens to possibilities.  When take inspired action from guidance, we feel a sense of lightness, calm and relief even if there is still some anxiousness about the outcome.
You might feel physical sensations such as sudden chills throughout your body when something resonates and connects with your heart or a  pleasant warm tingling in your heart or stomach that tells you are hearing your soul.

Personally, I ask myself, “Do I feel excited and juiced? Am I rationalizing, trying to talk myself into something, reacting from fear or shoulds? Am I being influenced by the enthusiasm of someone else and getting caught up in their excitement and urgency, especially when there is money involved?“  Now, I stop, take a few breaths, get quiet, tune into my body and “feel” into the idea. When I listen, I usually know whether something is right for me.

  • Direct knowing.  It “feels right” and comes from an inner knowing that is very peaceful within you.  You just know, period. Inner knowing has a feeling of confidence and certainty that is fueled by faith and trust. No additional thought is needed. A decision that feels scary or uncomfortable is still the right choice when it comes from your gut instincts.  The more I have tested and followed my intuition and had good results, the more I have come to trust it - like a muscle you develop.
  • Reoccurring thoughts, symbols, messages, and dreams. Do you ever have random thoughts popping into your head that are repetitive? Perhaps you initially read, saw, thought about, heard about or talked about something that caught your attention and then it came up again and again either in your own mind or from an external source (email, TV, newspaper, magazine articles or ads, animal or bird symbols,  conversation s with a friend or colleague?) 

Messages can come from any where at any time! Personally, when something repeats to me three times, I’m already taking action. That’s a neon flashing sign from the Universe calling my name to pay attention and act NOW!

  • Synchronicities.Meaningfull coincidences? Actually, I don’t believe in coincidence as accidental, random happenings. I see the Universe as a masterfull choreographer weaving opportunities together for us play with, dance, and create the life we are meant to live.

Have you ever had a thought or desire and prayed for help and guidance? And then something delightful and unexpected happened that seemed to be answer to your prayer? Someone or something seemed to flow to you effortlessly? You were at the right place at the right time to receive and experience something? And while what you experienced might not have been initially what you wanted, you  were able to see the wisdom and value of the perfection of what you received in service to your healing, growth, and evolution?

  • Longing. We experience both human and soul longings – a strong, persistent deep desire, yearning, hunger, thirst, aching or craving for something that feels missing from our life that can feel unattainable or distant.

In the mid-80’s I felt an ache to travel to Egypt. I kept ignoring the idea. I was working in New York as an account executive with a full schedule and taking the time and investing the money to go to Egypt, of all places, seemed nuts. The more I resisted, the more the pain intensified until I finally said YES. If you asked me what I learned about the importance of that trip, I honestly don’t know. What I do know is I had to go . Whatever the deeper purpose was is a mystery that I don’t have a need to understand. I trust that their was a higher purpose that is serving me today.

I know many people long for that special love with their soul mate and that yearning can become a deep pain and emptiness inside. You might have a longing to speak your truth, to express your heart, realize your dreams and passions, reach financial independence, free yourself from an addiction or dis-ease….

How does your intuition communicate with you?

How do you use your intuition and instincts to guide your desires, decisions, and action?

Do you listen or override your instincts?

What happens when you ignore your intuition and instincts?

When you do follow your intuition and inspiration, what happens?

Is fear holding you back from hearing your heart and taking inspired action?

Turn fear into courage in my new 8 week program: From Spark to Flame: Awakening Your Courageous Heart will help you release your fears, cultivate a deeper connection with your SELF and Divinity to experience more faith, trust, and courage to have a more abundant and joyfull life. The program begins 4/14 and I am offering a very special tuition for a limited number of registrations. Space is very limited. Register for the FREE preview call on 3/31!

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4 Comments to ‘5 Ways To Hear Your Intuition And Divine Inspiration’:

  1. Kathleen Gage on 31 Mar 2010 at 11:32 am: 1

    My intuition feels this is a fabulous post. :-) Seriously though. I love the topic and am in total agreement that our intuition is something we develop.

    Much has to do with how willing we are to “test” our hunches. Recently, I did a lot of deep thinking as to why my business has continued to grow while many others have not had this experience. What I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is I have been divinely guided and have followed the guidance.


  2. lorraine on 1 Apr 2010 at 1:39 pm: 2

    LOL Kathy

    I believe that’s the shift we are called to make - listening to the voice of our heart, soul, the Divine and following that guidance combined with inspired and practical ACTION.

    That what faith and trust is all about!

  3. Richard | RichardShelmerdine.com on 28 Apr 2010 at 3:02 am: 3

    I think meditating and having a still mind will allow the quieter intuition underneath the mental noise become much clearer.

  4. lorraine on 2 May 2010 at 6:38 am: 4

    I have found that to be true Richard

    I know that when I skip my spiritual practices, my expereinces can be nore reactive and my inner talk gets louder. That’s a great signal for me (and others) to do something to create that stillness and reconnection with Source.

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